5 Best Tourist Spots in Menorca

I always hated traveling until I visited one place that left a spot in my life. Menorca is among the best tourist spots that will leave a mark in your life. While it is a good place for any tourist to spend a holiday, It is usually overlooked. However, its reputation is more than its size. It has a family-friendly beach location that is growing fast

Menorca has so many things that you can do and see here. They range from the old fortresses to the historic standing stones and to the first-class dining. There are some great shopping places for you if you are the super shopper. If you have a trip to Menorca, here are the best tourist spots that you should visit while there.

Monte Toro

This is Menorca’s highest mountain which is at 354 meters above the sea level. This is roughly ⅓ of the Scafell Pike’s height of England. According to most people, Monte Toro pinpoints the Menorca’s spiritual center. This has been the residence of the pilgrimage and the shrine the thirteen century. Some people state that the name of the peak must have been derived from the inhabitation of the Moors on the island. Being a few meters away from the Es Mercadal town, it can be exhausting to walk to this place. 

Necropolis caves

It is also called the city of the dead. The caves have fourteen man-made caves. These caves were utilized as cemeteries. It is in this caves that the archeologists obtained evidence of Menorca’s early inhabitants. These caves feature internal pillars raised platforms, and decorated doorways. All these capture your attention instantly. 

Santa Agueda Castle

This is another good attraction spot that you can visit while in Menorca. It is situated in the third highest point of Menorca. The castle was constructed by the Arabs as a peel from peril. In about 1232, this castle was the only standpoint before Aragon’s King Peter IV destroyed it. It will take you around 45 minutes to walk to the outer wall and castle ruins through the Roman road.

Mahon Port

This is the 2nd deepest natural water dock on planet earth. It is about five kilometers in length. It is among the most magnificent place to spend your holiday. The port and marina area are only a walk away from the city center of Mao. It stretches about two miles with casinos, restaurants, bars, galleries, and boutiques. 

Bodegas Binifadet

This place lies Southeast Menorca. This place is 500 meters Northeast of Sant Lluis. You can take a stroll just about the vineyards as you wish. It is a place that will give you an exceptional experience. Tours at this place are allowed at 6 pm, 3 pm, and 11:30 am. Be sure to mark this on your calendar.


These are among the places you should visit while in Menorca. If you wish yo see where the archeologists found evidence in different issues, you know where to go. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful beaches here.

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